Assorted MLP Scents 4 oz Whipped Soap Sugar Scrub

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We have some scrubs leftover from BABSCon and many of these will NOT be remade!

The following characters/scents are available:

•Pinkie Pie’s Birthday Cake-warm cake and buttercream frosting
•Twilight’s Lilac Magic-Lilac and Rose
•Fluttershy’s Lemon Breezy-Lemon and Cake
•Starlight’s Essence of Equality-Peach, rose, citrus and musk
•Trixie’s Sugar Sorcery-cotton Candy
•Derpy’s Loopy Fruits-Fruit Loops
•Maud’s It’s a Rock-Black Raspberry Vanilla
•Celestia’s Citrus Sunrise-Strawberry, Orange and Lemon
•Mr. Cake’s Carrot Cake
•Sunset’s Orange Dreamsicle
•Songbird’s I Can Sia Rainbow-Pineapple Mint
•Luna’s Lavender Lullaby-Lavender/Vanilla
•Spike’s Sublime Sidekick-Lemon Lime
•Nurse Redheart’s Emergency Relief-Lavender Chamomile
•AppleJack’s Fizzy Apple Cider

*All of our scrubs are made with avocado and almond oil

Due to the hoof-made nature of these products colors may vary slightly.

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Please keep in mind that everyone is different when it comes to how sensitive they are to smells. I've had one person tell me a particular scent is strong and then had another tell me the same scent isn't strong enough. This is the risk you run when purchasing scented items online. The scent strength is also very much determined by how much it is being diluted in water. Please do not leave negative feedback for this reason alone.

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